We Remember

"Try to remember when life was so tender
That dreams were kept beside your pillow."

The Kingston Trio, from their 1963 LP "The Kingston Trio"
(Reprise from the musical "The Fantasticks")

These pages will record our personal recollections throughout our youth and across the generations. Click on OUR LIFESTYLE to catch a glimpse of what it was like to walk in our shoes for a while. In OUR SCHOOL DAYS we recall good times, and bad, at Mabelvale, or the other schools we attended before we ended up there. Discover OUR FASHIONS and what OUR CUISINE was, and where we went to do OUR SHOPPING. When we had leisure time we treasured OUR ENTERTAINMENT, that is, when we weren't home watching OUR TELEVISION. And all during these times there was one constant. Hardly a week went by that we didn't, for one reason or another, find ourselves in DOWNTOWN LITTLE ROCK.

Here you'll also read about two of our favorite things, the ARKANSAS STATE FAIR and SHACK BARBECUE.

You can also read about my experiences on my family's 1954 TRIP TO CALIFORNIA.

Enjoy the trip through our memories.