In Memoriam

Name       Class       Date
Barbara Bunch (Givens)       1960       June, 1978
Dr. John W. Byarlay       1960       November, 1997
John B. Farmer       1963       July, 2004
Mr. Harold Guthrie       Teacher       April, 2002
Carlos N. Hathcock II       1960       February, 1999
Lanny Hassell       1960       May, 2002
Ronnie Langhammer       1960       June, 2000
Jackie Lynch       1960       June, 1999
Jim Meadows       1960       December, 2005
David Smart       1960       July, 2006
Billy Squires       1960       May, 1991
Kenneth Squires       1959       August 10, 1965
Ann Stockton (Loetscher)       1960       February, 2000

To all Mabelvalians (Mabelvalites?). The following classmates are listed as deceased on the McClellan High School Alumni website. I do not put deceased classmates on this page unless I can verify the information. I'll give you an example. They have Harold Henderson (class of '60) listed as deceased. Harold is the Tennis Coach at Hendrix University in Conway and is in touch with me often. I think they meant Harold Guthrie, whom I have listed above. They also have Johnny McDaniel (class of '60) listed as deceased July 1987, but Johnny was at the reunion in 1993.

Other than the ones I already have, the only one on their list I have been able to confirm is Jim Meadows (class of '60).

If any of you can give me confirmed information on any of these classmates, or any classmates for any other years, please Email me.

Class of 1959

Patricia Bean, 1/5/00
Diane Brown Alsip
Judith Burke
Carolyn Cannon Cornett, 5/16/96
Joann Collins, 1/22/03
Tommy Davis, 12/28/93
Bob Diffee, 3/14/01
Betty Fleming, 3/7/96
James Henson, 6/20/03
Billy Hudson, 2/1/05
Joyce Huey West, 10/24/96
Tom E. Jones, 11/28/96
Judy McQustion
Kenneth Poteete, 7/3/01
James Roberts, August 1977
Leon Smith, 7/12/97
Larry White, 7/7/05

Class of 1960

William Clark, 7/31/96
Loretta Dixon, 3/17/02
Charles Jones, 8/3/02
Paul Matthews, 3/3/05
Robert Payne, 3/16/98
John Polk, 8/18/02
Larry Smith, 12/21/02
Jerry Wilson, 9/30/05