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I'm back. I had this website on my business server in 2006, and when I retired and closed the business I had to take it all down. I tried to put the site on my free Comcast pages but Comcast is slooooowww. I am now hosted by Godaddy.com, and I'll stay here as long as I can afford to keep up the payments. Enjoy.

This Website is dedicated to the alumni of Mabelvale High School, Mabelvale, Pulaski County, Arkansas. Mabelvale High School no longer exists and the facilities are now occupied by Mabelvale Magnet Middle School. Click HERE to visit their web site. Click HERE to see a satellite picture of the school as it looks today.

These pages will document MHS as it was. As you tour the site, follow the navigation links above. IN MEMORIAM is dedicated to our classmates and teachers who have left us. Click on CONTACTS to Email us. At LIFE & TIMES you will learn the history of MHS, see what the world was like during the decades of its short existence. Click on MEMORIES and catch a glimpse of what our lives were like way back when. The PHOTO GALLERY has senior pictures scanned from the annuals. The SITE MAP will help you find your way if you get lost. Our LINKS include some other alumni web sites from some of the other schools. Finally, there is a GUESTBOOK so you can tell us what's on your mind.

This is a work constantly in progress. There are no popups, no advertisements, no links to porn or nude women or cell phone companies or mortgage services. Nothing here but memories. Contribute. Your contributions will help make it better. In fact, check out the WISH LIST.

You'll find a change log with all the latest changes HERE.

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